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June 28, 2022 40 people Latest news

Dietitians in India are recognized healthcare professionals, educated to at least Bachelor's level. Using evidence-based approaches, dietitians work autonomously to empower or support individuals, families, groups and populations to provide or select food that is nutritionally adequate, safe, tasty and sustainable. Dietitians assess specific nutritional requirements throughout the life span and translate this into the advice and/or treatment. This will maintain, reduce risk to, or restore health, as well as alleviate discomfort in palliative care. Beyond healthcare, dietitians improve the nutritional environment for all through governments, industry, academia and research. Indian dietitians use their competence across a wide range of situations and places within financial and regulatory frameworks. They can adapt their role depending on immediate need and are increasingly required to develop more specialist competencies. Three main, sometimes overlapping, dietetic work fields exist in India: Clinical, Food Service, and Public Health/Community (see below). In addition, dietitians can work within other fields that require expertise in healthcare, food and/or nutrition e.g., academia/education, primary care, food industry, media, research, and sports.

  • Best Dietitian in North West Delhi
  • Best Dietitian in Delhi
  • Dietitian in North West Delhi

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