Money paid on enrolment for the services is non-refundable Programme availed
is completely for an individual and is non-transferable to anyone else and if in any
case it is happening then terms & conditions will apply.


Nutrikalp provides only advice and consultation according to individual
requirements [weight management or disease management] of a person. We don’t
provide any food or medicine. Result and effect on body can vary person to
person depending upon follow up, medical condition, past history of weight loss
or any reason related to health and lifestyle. Nutrikalp team advices only kitchen
based and locally available food and completely customized and variety added
according to individual needs and demand.
After joining of any individual Nutrikalp can use their phone no and mail id for
further communication with the same.


Anyone can join this program who wants to modify diet and life style. In case
of  past ailment  treatment, surgery, or any medical condition / Pregnancy,
lactation and allergy to certain foods consult your doctor first and inform the
same to the team Nutrikalp.

Terms & Conditions

NUTRIKALP has the following terms and conditions
NUTRIKALP is a team of qualified Dieticians helping people to modify their food
choices, eating pattern and life style but it are not medical professionals team so
can’t prescribe medical advice and assistance. In case of any medical problem,
we strongly advise to consult with professional health care services and doctors.
Our company provides you the services regarding weight management [weight
loss// gain] life style changes and tips related to preventive health care. Our team
helps you to achieve and maintain your health and weight parameters according
to world health organizations but it does not claim to treat any disease or health
issues at its cure. Our team always guide and encourage you to go for periodic
health check-ups and consult your doctors in case of any help.

+91-8130565329 / 9999245231
105, Harlal Market, Near Deepali Chowk, Opp. M2K Rohini, Rohini, Sector-7, New Delhi
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