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Children have their special dietary requirements. Especially, the ones within the age group of 5 to 15 years are believed to be in their period of growth and hence need to consume specific types of food. As per research, it has been found that children of this age fall prey to weight gain issues due to their unhealthy eating habits or other reasons. Nutrikalp has devised a special weight loss program for children who find it hard to shed off those extra kilos for leading a healthy life.

Benefits of the package

Nutrikalp’s special weight loss package for children aims at giving the lads an ideal body weight by performing the required modifications in diet. The one thing that is being ensured by Nutrikalp specialists is that in the wake of altering the kids’ daily diet, they aren’t deprived of their basic nutritional needs that are a must for proper growth and development of body and mind. As a parent who has opted for Nutrikalp’s weight loss package for children, you can witness a visible difference in your child’s weight just within 10-15 days of following the diet plan created by Nutrikalp experts.

Characteristics of the package

Here are the key characteristics of Nutrikalp’s weight loss package for children:

* A customized diet plan according to the specific body requirements of the child

At Nutrikalp, we know that children and adolescents require the best nutrition to grow and develop in a normal way. Our Nutritionists consider factors such as the child’s current weight, height, age etc. to come up with a diet that would aid him/her in maintaining the right weight.

* Ensures significant change in body weight within a month  

In addition to bringing about a visible change in your child’s weight, the team of nutritionists at Nutrikalp makes it a point to ascertain a visible difference body weight/inches and habits for the child just within 30 or 31 days. Any kind of calorie-cutting plans for children are made only after assessing the child’s current lifestyle and eating habits.

* Does not contain any medicines, exercise routines or food supplements

The best thing about Nutrikalp’s weight loss program for children is that it doesn’t expect the apple of your eye to consume any kind of medicines, food supplements or perform any stringent exercises. We just prepare an easy-to-follow diet chart for your kids and ask them to cut down sugars and starches. The addition of proteins and vegetables to the daily menu is what we recommend children struggling with weight problems.

Issues tackled by the package

The major issue tackled by Nutrikalp’s weight loss program for children includes:

* Excessive weight gain in children

Well, the best way to help your child lose weight is not by scolding him/her to stay away from his/her favourite food but by enrolling the younger one to Nutrikalp’s Weight Loss program for children. Our friendly coaches ensure that the child slims down in a safe and pleasant way. We simply make some dietary changes to their menu and help them stay active and fit.

Highlights of the treatment procedure to be followed

Here are the key highlights of the Children-centric Weight Loss treatment procedure that would be followed by experts at Nutrikalp:

* Consultation to identify the nutrient requirements of the child & cause behind weight gain

The treatment of weight gain in children is undertaken by Nutrikalp experts in a phenomenal way. We get in touch with the child and his/her parents to gather a better understanding of the former’s nutrient requirements. We also try and find answers to questions like: What is the real reason behind weight gain; since how long has the child been overweight; does obesity run in the family history, etcetera.

* Enquiring whether the child is suffering from any disorder currently

At Nutrikalp, we never proceed ahead in the treatment of weight gain unless and until we are thoroughly familiar with the current health condition of the child. We enquire as to whether the child is suffering from any kind of disorder, either mental or physical.

* Providing a diet chart that ensures weight loss as well as proper growth

Nutrikalp has a team of dietary experts which is skilled in preparing a diet chart for the child, ensuring that he/she sheds off the desired amount of weight and grows up well. We never ask the children to compromise on their favourite stuff but encourage them to follow a dietary regime that would benefit them in the long run.

Anticipated results

Choosing Nutrikalp’s Weight Loss program for children comes with the below mentioned results:

* A fit and leaner body 

Seeing your child frustrated due to an oversized body is something you definitely want to escape. Trust Nutrikalp and witness a fit and leaner body of your child within a few days. Our specialists have worked on weight gain issues for children of all age groups and your kid wouldn’t be an exception to this.

* Balanced body weight

Irrespective of whether your kid is suffering from a medical ailment or not; experts at Nutrikalp manage the overweight and obesity in your child to help him achieve a balanced body weight. Get reading to witness a rapid increase in the self-confidence and self-esteem of your child once he/she gets into a perfect shape.

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