About the program

Pregnancy is a difficult phase of any woman’s life which always takes a lot out of her body physically as well as mentally. The development of fetus inside the womb requires a lot of nourishment which is obviously taken from the body of the woman bearing it. And all of this nourishment is drained from the woman’s body in just twelve weeks, the time it takes for a child to conceive and take complete shape before delivery.

That’s why; the process of giving birth for women can be quite draining both mentally as well as physically, and most of the times, women end up indulging into uncontrolled eating binges to ward off the feeling of weakness, which triggers constant craving for food during the entire period of pregnancy. The consequences of these uncontrolled eating habits are pretty bad as they usually result in unwanted weight gain among pregnant women during this period.

Benefits of the package

With the help of our Post Pregnancy weight loss program, women can look forward to losing the extra pounds they have gained during pregnancy in a pretty easy way. And this is achieved by incorporating some smart changes in the diet regimen, which provides all the required nutrition without adding any extra kilos to the body & do not affect lactation if mother is feeding her baby.

The most important thing about this package is that it is particularly designed keeping in mind the breastfeeding needs of women after pregnancy and the rich nutritional diet they require to nurture their babies through their period of infancy.

 Characteristics of the package

One of the main characteristics of this package is that it does not involve use of any kind of medication, no dietary supplements or even physical exercises which could have an adverse effect on the health of mothers or their newly born babies. If we were to list the main characteristics of this package, they would be…

* Does not involve use of any medicines

* Not includes dietary supplements or exercises

* Designed exclusively for breastfeeding moms

* Includes diet charts to ensure a healthy nutritious diet regimen for mother and child

Issues tackled by the package

By enrolling in this program, nursing mothers can not only ensure that they and their newly born are supplemented in the best possible way with a highly nutritious diet, but they can also shed the extra kilos they have gained during their pregnancy period as well. Let’s look at some of the key issues tackled by this package…

* Excessive weight gain due to pregnancy

* Hormonal imbalance

* Lack of Nutritional food for lactating mothers


In order to ensure that all the aspects outlined in this weight loss program are completely covered and the person undertaking this package achieves the desired results at the end of the program, this program has a defined treatment process as well which involves the following steps…

* Consultations aimed at having a clear idea about your daily lifestyle

* Viewing your previous medical reports

* Providing a diet chart that contains all the necessary nutrients besides aiding weight loss

Anticipated results

Once this program is completed by the person in the most sincere manner, we at Nutrikalp can assure you that it will give you the results that you enrolled in this program for in the very first place. And they will be…

* Significant reduction in Body weight

* Restoration of hormonal balance

* Best nutrition to the newly born along with the mother

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