About the program

With a huge majority of adolescent girls and women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disorder or PCOD, Nutrikalp has come up with a specialized PCOD treatment plan that enables you to get rid of the problem forever. For those not in the know, PCOD is a health condition characterized by occurrence of acne, excessive facial hair, weight gain, and irregularity in menstrual cycle and fertility problems. This disorder is mainly caused by hormonal imbalance or genetic factors and can increase the risks of critical medical conditions, if not treatment timely. Our treatment plan doesn’t include heavy medications or rigorous exercising. We simply focus on eradicating the problem via simple changes to your daily diet.

Benefits of the package

Treating PCOD using medications can be a lengthy process and may have several side effects to the patient. Fortunately, you have an easy access to Nutrikalp’s PCOD treatment plan which is aimed at relieving you from the disorder without the use of medicines.  Yes, we treat PCOD in an organic way by simply providing a unique and customized diet chart to our clients struggling with PCOD.

Characteristics of the package

Here are the characteristics of PCOD Treatment Plan created for women population suffering from the infertility-causing disorder:

* Consultation sessions to identify the factors responsible for causing PCOD

As the foremost step under PCOD treatment plan, experts at Nutrikalp conduct consultation sessions for the PCOD patients to identify all the factors that are responsible for causing the disorder. An endocrinologist performs the ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) stimulation test to find the real causes of PCOD.

* Customized diet charts

PCOD experts at Nutrikalp serve the clients with a customized diet chart that suits their taste buds. They ask you to cut down on sugary food items and instead embrace the complex carbohydrate diet. You’ll be offered with a list of foods that would reverse the effect of PCOD.

* Tips for proper lifestyle management are provided

Healthcare coaches at Nutrikalp go ahead and offer you simple-to-follow tips for maintaining a proper and healthy lifestyle. They would provide you with a list of Do’s and Don’ts that must be followed on a daily basis in order to curb the harmful results of PCOD.

Issues tackled by the package

This healthcare package by Nutrikalp is solely dedicated to treat patients suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD).

Highlights of the treatment procedure to be followed

Here are the key highlights of the treatment procedure followed as per Nutrikalp’s PCOD Treatment Plan:

* Enquiring about the symptoms experienced & the time span since they have started showing

Team of experts at Nutrikalp would first of all enquire about all types of symptoms that you have been experiencing and the time span since the same have been bothering you. Here, you need to be totally honest and frank.

* Gaining an insight into your previous medical history

If you have had any other kind of medical condition(s) in the past then it is absolutely essential for you to disclose the details about the same to the Nutrikalp specialist. Knowing this information would help the expert in preparing an appropriate diet chart for you.

* Designing a proper diet plan for you according to the observations

After gathering details about your medical history, the nutritionist at Nutrikalp would use his/her experience in designing a detailed diet plan that would include a list of food items that you need to consume for getting cured of PCOD.

* Providing instructions regarding essential lifestyle modifications for quick recovery

Lifestyle can either make or break your PCOD recovery process. Getting enrolled for Nutrikalp’s PCOD treatment plan would offer you an access to instructions pertaining to modifications that you need to make in your lifestyle. Doing this would pace up recovery process for sure.

Anticipated results

Nutritional experts at Nutrikalp guarantee complete relief from PCOD to patients who’ve remained distressed due to the medical condition since a long duration of time.

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