About the program

Excessive body weight can lead to serious health issues if it is not addressed properly in time, and once excess fat is accumulated in the body it can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, indigestion and constipation, high blood pressure and other serious diseases. Even the bones supporting our body weight are put under immense pressure, and that could easily lead to pain in the joints, a constant sense of fatigue, inability to perform tasks that involve physical strain etc.

Our Nutri Balance Package is an ideal solution to get rid of the extra kilos that you may have accumulated in your body due to unhealthy eating habits and an inactive lifestyle.

Benefits of the package

One of the main benefits of availing this package is that it does not involve use of medicines, any dietary supplements and even exercises to lose weight. This is the beauty of the package which is designed to last for an individual requirement, and give you weight loss results that you will find virtually impossible to attain on your own.

The uniqueness of this package actually lies in prescribing you that ideal combination of diet which is sufficient to supply you a rich dose of proteins and vitamins for nutrition, ample quantity of carbohydrates to replenish your energy levels and a minimal level of fat intake to stop your body from accumulating more of it.

Characteristics of the package

One of the main benefits of availing this package is that it does not involve use of medicines, any dietary supplements and even exercises to lose weight. This is the beauty of the package which is designed to suit the requirements of a particular individual, and give the person amazing weight loss results that he or she will find it absolutely impossible to achieve at home.

Let’s look at other key characteristics of this program…

* This package comprises of unlimited consultations (as per the package opted)

* Under this weight loss package, the person undertaking the package is given a customized diet plan which is precisely based on the personal preferences of the person, his/her likes and dislikes and person’s physical condition as well.

* One of the highlights of this weight loss package is that it does not make the person starve to achieve the weight loss objectives. As a matter of fact, the diet regimen of the person taking this package is designed in such a way, that he/she has ample to eat through the course of the day.

* Stress is laid on the balance diet with comprise of all required nutrition not a crashed one.

Some of the key Steps of treatment…

* Consultation and ample feedback to get a better idea about the person undertaking the weight-loss package. Person’s lifestyle, body type, food preferences, blood group and medical history are also noted down to arrive at a suitable diet plan.

* Provision of handing over customized diet chart specifically for the person, keeping in mind the person’s existing physical condition and overall health.

* Regular feedback from the person about the impact of the customized diet plan on his/her body weight after starting the package.

Issues tackled by the package

Since the whole idea behind this weight loss program is to attain a desired decrease in weight through a natural process, the impact of diet plan is gradual but definite on the person undertaking this program. As soon as the body starts getting replenished with a diet full of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, the constant feeling of lethargy will soon start to fade away, and the person will start feeling more energetic and light with the intake of customize daily routine diet.

When this routine will be carried as prescribed by Nutrikalp experts, it is definitely going to bring some truly amazing results in the end which will help in solving a number of niggling health issues, such as…

* Problem of excessive body weight

* Problems related to obesity

* Problems of indigestion and constipation

Anticipated results

Once this program is undertaken by a person in the right earnest manner throughout its entire duration, it is going to bring about some amazing results, which will bring a huge change in the lifestyle and eating habits of the participating person as a whole. Not only will the person taking the pro0gram feel fitter and leaner than before, he/she would also feel a few kilos lighter as well after the successful completion of this weight loss program.

As a result of this program, the person undertaking the Weight-loss regimen is going to experience the following results…

* Visible difference within 10 to 15 days

* Considerable amount of weight loss

* Overall improvement in physical condition

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