About the program

Blame today’s ill lifestyle for a wide array of medical conditions that affect people. Health ailments including the ones related to liver, kidneys etc. have hit people of different age groups. In addition to this, people suffering from issues like high cholesterol, thyroids etc. find it tedious to maintain a proper diet and adequate weight. Opting for Nutrikalp’s disease management program will enable you to receive proper nutrition so as to help you in managing your present health conditions in a better way.

Benefits of the package

The Disease Management Program of Nutrikalp has been designed for people suffering from ailments like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, kidney problems etc. The nutritional experts aim to rectify your food habits by recommending you to adhere to special diet charts. Our specialists prepare this diet plan in accordance to your current body weight and health condition. We work towards helping you lead a healthy life that remains unaffected by any disease(s).

Characteristics of the package

Here are the characteristics of Disease Management program created for people suffering from diabetes, kidney problems, hypertension, thyroid etc.:

* Helps you manage diseases without any medicines, exercise or additional supplements

Formal disease management has always worked for people suffering from critical ailments. With the disease management plan devised by Nutrikalp, you’ll be able to reduce the use of health care services. We are a team of proficient healthcare experts capable of helping diseased population live a fuller life even after an onset of chronic medical conditions like diabetes, coronary heart disease, high-risk pregnancy, arthritis, hypertension, congestive heart failure, asthma etc. We follow a no medicines, exercises or supplements policy to treat patients who need to manage their diseases under professional guidance.

* Improvement showing in overall health in just one month  

Nutrikalp provide visible improvement in the patient’s health within a single month. We work seamlessly to encourage the patients to abide by everything that’s a part of our Disease Management Program. Our proactive approach to healthcare has been appreciated by all our previous customers. We look forward to help individuals forget about their disease and lead a happy & healthy life.

* Consists of a diet plan formulated specific to your physical conditions

As per Nutrikalp’s Disease Management Program, our experts define a detailed diet plan only after assessing the current physical conditions of the client. We never force a diet chart onto a patient but frame one that’s in accordance to his/her likes and dislikes.

* Assessment of results through blood tests

Blood tests are an absolute necessity for keeping a check over the progress of a patient’s health. At Nutrikalp, we ensure to make the patients undergo blood tests so as to get a clear idea as to whether the disease management plan is working for them or not.

Issues tackled by the package

The three major issues tackled by Nutrikalp’s Disease Management Program include:

* Liver diseases

Nutrikalp has a special diet chart for patients with chronic diseases. We ensure such individuals don’t require frequent admissions to the hospital. Our specialists access the patients and streamline a menu that would actually end the stigma attached to liver diseases.

* High cholesterol

Cholesterol is yet another disease that’s leading to heart attacks in people of all age groups. At Nutrikalp, we help you avoid a heart attack due to high levels of cholesterol in your blood. By making a few simple changes in your diet, we work towards reducing your bad LDL cholesterol in a natural way.

* Health problems related to kidneys

Nutrikalp’s Disease Management Program incorporates Kidney disease management, thereby ensuring that patients suffering from kidney-related ailments are able to manage their health irrespective of having the disease.

Highlights of the treatment procedure to be followed

Here are the key highlights of the treatment procedure followed under Nutrikalp’s Disease Management Program:

* Testing your blood sample

As the first step, the experts at Nutrikalp test your blood sample to find any kind of abnormality in the same. The results of blood test allow us to prepare a treatment strategy for the patient.

* Detailed consultation to know about the health issues you face

Under the second step, we organize a face-to-face conversation with the patient to know more about all the health issues that he/she has been suffering since a long period of time.

* Designing a diet chart according to your body’s particular needs

Once we’re done with understanding everything about the patient’s health condition, we frame a diet chart that would be in accordance with the individual’s specific nutritional needs. We never ask our clients to do away with their favourite food forever.

* Providing instructions to manage the diseases better through some basic lifestyle changes

At Nutrikalp, we understand the significance of managing diseases via simple modifications in the basic lifestyle. This is what we preach to our clients who’re struggling with some or the other health issue.

* Blood test to check the level of progress made

After a set number of days, we go ahead and ask our client to go for a blood test yet again. This is being done in order to check the amount of progress that’s occurred in the overall health of the patient.

Anticipated results

Dieticians at Nutrikalp are more than willing to familiarize you with the results that can be expected after enrolling to the Disease Management Program. Here’s a look at the same:

* Significant weight loss within 10-15 days

Overweight or obesity is undoubtedly the major reason behind a majority of diseases that are prevalent in today’s time. With Nutrikalp’s special diet plans, you can actually witness a commendable decrease in your weight within just 10-15 days.

* Enhanced health

A serious adherence to Nutrikalp’s disease management diet chart will not only allow you to manage your disease perfectly but even aid you in possessing a healthy life that’s filled with complete peace of mind.

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