Why do you need a Detox?

During the course of your daily routine, you expose your body to a number of toxic substances that keep accumulating as Toxins inside your body. Whether it is the smoke of a cigarette, or pollution prevalent in the air, or even pesticides used on vegetables and fruits that you consume on a daily basis; you are constantly adding harmful toxins in your body without even knowing every day.

A majority of packaged food items which contain food additives for longer preservation are also a big cause of toxins buildup. With such a constant intake of harmful toxins in your body, it is no wonder that you are subjected to medical conditions such as skin disorders, constant fatigue, ill digestion and kidney stones as well.

Our 5- Day Detox program…

Our 5 day Detox program is designed to cleanse your body of these harmful toxins, so that your body is able to regain its optimal functions to give you a rejuvenated experience afterwards.

Detox programme involves eliminating all processed food and outside food from your diet and planning a day’s menu which consists of just cereals.

Fruits and vegetables and green tea [specified]

(This also involves restocking your kitchen with health foods, using recipes made from all the five major food groups. During this period, life style pattern is set according to the special need of individuals.

Benefits of our Detox Program…

If our 5 days Detox program is followed in totality, you can be sure of experiencing the following differences in yourself…

* Clearer & Glowing Skin…

With the removal of toxins and improvement in blood supply to your skin, your skin will not only feel clearer and better, it will have a radiant glow about it after the ample fluids intake during the entire duration of the Detox program. With cell function restored to its normal state, you would also experience reduced body odor as well.

* Improved Sleep Patterns resulting in better Mental Clarity & Memory…

Since the removal of toxins from your body will restore your body functions to their optimal state, you are bound to experience reduced hypertension and uneasiness. This will help you in improving your sleep patterns, as your mind would not be cluttered with unwanted thoughts all the time.

* Improved Energy Levels resulting in lesser fatigue…

With lowering of toxins in your body and intake of healthy foods containing a rich diet of Vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, you are going to experience increased performance levels and you will not have that feeling of fatigue even after putting in a hard day’s work.

* Better Digestion with improved vitality…

With the reduction in toxins, your bowel movement would also be improved by a great deal, and good digestion will help you in remaining active and invigorated throughout the day. All these are signs of vitality, which you are going to love after completing our 3 days Detox Program.

Characteristics of the program

* Consultation sessions to reach at a viable diet regimen for Detox

* Provision of sufficient diet intake so that you don’t starve

* Advice to handle the negative side-effects

* 3-day diet chart based on feasible diet regimen

Issues tackled by the program

* Removal of External Toxins

* Flushing out Internal Toxins

* Skin problems

* Constant fatigue

* Constipation

Highlights of the Detox procedure

* Foods to consume

* Foods to Avoid

* suggested kitchen herbs to be taken

* Suggestive Remedies for medical issues [if any]

Anticipated results of this program

* Rejuvenated Body and mind

* Improved Vitality and overall wellness

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