Nutri Kalp Health & Weight Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. was founded by a group of well experienced Nutritionists & Medical professionals in Year 2004. A Diet Therapy Clinic that specializes in Weight Management and Disease Management programs through diet control, this centre boasts of of...

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Nutri Kalp Health & Weight Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 2004 by a group of expert nutritionists and medical professionals. It is a Diet Therapy Clinic which defines personalized diet plans in accordance to person’s body weight, current diet intake and body type.

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    Initial Weight: 106.1 Kgs
    Final Weight: 99.9 Kgs
    Duration: 1.5 Months
    I was referred by one of my friends, she already reduced a lot from Nutrikalp seeing her I build up my confidence and make up my mind to get a reduction in my weight. Finally, I joined and it is quite good till now. I hope my weight reduction will continue till my desired result.


    Initial Weight: 59 Kgs
    Final Weight: 54.9 Kgs
    Duration: 3 Months
    Medical Issues: Anxiety, Constipation
    Experience with Nutrikalp has been great. Lost weight by all natural weight management guidance by the doctor, who has been a wonderful guide throughout these 3 months. Anyone having weight related issues must join NutriKalp without any second thoughts as it’s an effective weight managing clinic with experienced doctors. Also, the doctor provided an excellent weight management points which helped me in maintaining my weight even after 3 months. It’s been a month since I am over with the program but still, my weight is 54.9 kgs. Overall I had a well-versed journey with Nutrikalp for my weight and health related problems.


    Initial Weight: 84 Kgs
    Final Weight: 67.8 Kgs
    Duration: 6 Months
    Medical Issues: HIGH CHOLESTROL
    I was overweight and was not been able to conceive my second child. So I consulted doctors and they asked me to lose weight first otherwise I won’t be able to conceive. Thanks to nutrikalp, I reduced a good amount of weight in a very short span on time as well as I conceived and delivered a very healthy baby without any complications. I am so thankful to the Nutrikalp team they are very co-operative, encouraging and also give a variety of diets. It’s good and comfortable with dietitian and varieties of foods are being given by doc.


    Initial Weight: 74 Kgs
    Final Weight: 62 Kgs
    uration: 3 Months
    Medical Issues: THYROID
    Initially, I was not very sure about weight on through diets but at the end of the first month. I got a very good result just by simple dietary changes& lifestyle modifications, so I decided to extend my program and now I am very happy that I have reduced 12kgs in just 3 months with improved TSH level. It really works. Everybody who wants to go for weight loss, please go with Nutrikalp.


    Initial Weight: 62.3 Kgs
    Final Weight: 56.5
    Duration : 3 Months
    I thought losing weight would be tough but The NuriKalp made me do that in an easy way. Initially, I felt that just molding my existing diet routine into a planned diet chart wouldn’t work but it did & the credit goes to nutrikalp. The co-operative and humble attitude of nutritionists was a cherry on the cake and if ever my friends would ask me the secret behind my weight loss my answer would be nutrikalp.


    Initial Weight: 96.4 Kgs
    Final Weight: 82.3 Kgs
    Duration: 6 Months
    Medical Issues: BLOOD PRESSURE
    Being a business man, my schedule is very hectic and I doubted myself that will I be able to follow the diets, but one of my friends has lost a very good weight from nutrikalp, so I decided to give it a chance. Once I came here the atmosphere and the staff is very good, all are very co-operative. Doctors have planned my diet schedule just according to my daily routine and also considered by HTN which I am still following easily. I have lost 7.5 kgs in 2 months and my blood pressure is also controlled. Experience is excellent with all staff & doctors.

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